The Red Devil

The Red Devil After some hope that I didn’t have to go through chemotherapy, it was decided that the best course of action after surgery was 4 rounds of AC and 12 rounds of Taxol. I go with my mum, dad and Aunty to met with my oncologist shortly after my surgery. Here is where we were going to discuss side effects and how everything will work. Th[...]

No where else

27thof June Patrick and I wake up early to go back into the city for more tests. My eyes are sore from the day before and we look like walking zombies trying to keep it together. My first scan is a CT scan at 9:30am. They explain the procedure, I lie on a table with a tomb over me. They inject me with a number of things, one being blue die. She say[...]

The Diagnosis

Looking back it seems like what happened to me was bound to happen. I noticed the lump last year,I was told by a doctor that it was fat. I remember not feeling 100% about it but why wouldn’t I trust the doctor? In the months that followed it grew bigger.My fingers could feel the circumference of the entire tumour. It was painful when I touched it, e[...]